Jewish Holiday Listserve Messages

Rosh Hashanah

L’Shanah Tovah 5770 By Rabbi Bonnie Margulis- 9/15/09

Never Lose Sight of the Open Door By Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman – 9/26/08

Let us be Harbingers of Everlasting Joy By Rabbi Roberto Graetz – 9/7/07

Turning and Returning to Our Dreams By Rabbi Maurice Harris- 9/15/06

Seek Peace and Pursue It By Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf – 9/30/05


Harvesting Last Week’s Contemplation By Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller – 10/13/08

Restoring a Sense of Movement and Freedom By Rabbi Scott Weiner – 9/26/07

Guests on a Frail Planet By Rabbi Lewis Weiss – 10/6/06

Building a Sukkah of Peace By Rabbi Herbert Bronstein – 10/17/05

Simchat Torah

A Torah of Peace By Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater – 10/20/08

The Possibility of Joy and Hope By Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb – 10/2/07


Eight Lights of Hanukkah  By Aliza Becker and Rabbi John Friedman-12/10/2009

Eight Hanukkah Lights of Courage By Rabbi John Friedman and Aliza Becker – 12/18/08

Eight Hanukkah Lights of Peace By Rabbi John Friedman and Aliza Becker – 12/4/07

Hanukkah Lights – “Not by might, nor by power” By Rabbi John Friedman and Aliza Becker – 12/14/06

Dedicating Hanukkah to Israelis and Palestinians Pursuing Peace By Aliza Becker – 12/22/05

Chag Sameach: Dedicating Hanukkah to Israelis and Palestinians Pursuing Peace By Aliza Becker 12/8/04

Tu B’Shevat

Truth and Justice, Trees and Land By Rabbi Michael Cohen – 1/18/08

Tree of the Field By Rabbi John Friedman – 2/1/07

New Year for the Trees By Tamara Cohen – 1/25/2007


Revelry and Reconciliation By Rabbi Hillel Cohn – 3/2/07


Passover: Emerging into the Light of Lasting Peace By Rabbi Alison Abrams – 4/3/09

Liberation and Obligation By Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf – 4/13/08

May We Remember By Rabbi Ayelet Cohen – 3/30/07

Sparking Real Conversations on Justice By Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller – 4/7/06

Passover Thoughts: On the Road By Rabbi Jill Jacobs – 4/20/05

Yom Hashoah

A Time to Mourn By Rabbi Malka Drucker – 4/15/07

Yom Hazikaron/Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Ha’atzmaut: On the Road at 60 By Rabbi Toba Spitzer – 5/8/08

Israel at 60 by Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf- 5/5/08

Seeking Redemptive Peace By Rabbi Ellen Lippmann – 4/20/07

What I Don’t Know and What I Can Only Hope For By Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater – 5/2/06

Tisha B’Av

Destruction and Mourning Then and Now By Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman – 7/23/07

Turning Sorrow and Regret into Tikkun Olam By Rabbi Malka Drucker – 8/11/05

We Weep With the World for Jerusalem by Rabbi Jill Jacobs – 7/22/04