Peace Movement History

Overview: 1969-2012 By Aliza Becker

This document, an overview of significant national efforts to organize American Jews on behalf a two-state negotiated Israeli-Palestinian peace, was developed as part of the Brit Tzedek v’Shalom /Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace Legacy Project. With its creation, we hope to honor our forebears and those who carry the torch today in 2013.The 13 organizations profiled here were selected for the length and breadth of their work and/or their significant impact on the Jewish community, American political landscape, or both. They are (in alphabetical order) Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now (APN), Breira, Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (BTvS), Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East (CONAME), Israel Policy Forum (IPF), J Street, New Jewish Agenda (NJA), Partners for Progressive Israel (PPI), Project Nishma, Shalom Network, and Tikkun.

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Online Version Table of Contents:

Section 1: Historical Background Section 11: The Jewish Peace Lobby (JPL)
Section 2: American Jewish Two-State Peace Organizations Section 12: Project Nishma
Section 3: Ameinu Section 13: Israel Policy Forum (IPF)
Section 4: Partners for Progressive Israel (PPI) Section 14: Tikkun
Section 5: Jewish Student Movement Section 15: Brit Tzedek v’Shalom/The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace (BTvS)
Section 6: Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East (CONAME) Section 16: J Street
Section 7: Breira: A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israel Relations Section 17: Concluding Thoughts
Section 8: The Shalom Network Section 18: Acknowledgements
Section 9: New Jewish Agenda (NJA) Section 19: References
Section 10: Americans for Peace Now