Steve Masters's Reflection

I’ve been flooded by so many memories of Marcia – making good trouble at the General Assembly of Jewish Federations in Philly early in Brit Tzedek’s life, warmly connecting with so many Israeli and Palestinian political leaders at the signing ceremony for the Geneva Initiative in Switzerland. Her spirit was indomitable.

We formed Brit Tzedek after JUNITY with a geographically diverse group of energetic and passionate Jewish social justice activists with an urgent agenda. Some of us had worked for years organizing US Jews but Marcia brought us something no one else had – deep ties to both grassroots and political leaders in Israeli/Palestine.

Marcia elevated Brit Tzedek’s profile and impact the moment she accepted the nomination to be our first president and ensured that our work both in the US and in Israel/Palestine was authentically and deeply grounded with the full range of grassroots activists and thought leaders.

There were times when we clashed but even then I believe we came out of those encounters with more respect for each other.

Barach Dayan haEmet.

Steve Masters

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