Shuli Eshel's Reflection

Marcia Freedman encouraged me to make a film for Israel’s Channel 1 to promote the legalization of abortion in Israel. Some of the Knesset members who had missed the initial screening watched it at the TV station before the vote. Ultimately, Marcia’s advocacy and the film I produced were responsible for the legalization of abortion in Israel in 1977.

Marcia encouraged the women’s movement to form a political party and run for seats in the Knesset. Unfortunately, the Women’s Party did not get enough votes to enter the Knesset. In my documentary, “Passion for Dancing: The Story of Shulamith,” I praised her work as a member of Shulamith Aloni’s Ratz Party (Movement for Civil Rights and Peace) and for her memoir, Exile in the Promised Land.

Shuli Eshel

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