Sheila McCoy's Reflection

In Los Angeles for several years we had a fine group of people who met, argued, visited Congress persons, staged demonstrations and hosted visting experts – Israeli and Palestinian. We were all proud in some way to be working for peace. Our names as best as I can remember are: Sarah & Ehud BenHagai, Avram Chill, Christine Coh, Danah Ezekiel-Clark, Joel Farkas, Lawrence Feinberg, Duncan Gilman, Eric Gordon, Claire Gorfionkel, Yossi Khen, Danielle Krauss, Josh Kruskol, Allison Lattman, Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater, Ruth Persky, Susan Pindak, Cantor Steve Puzarne, Bruce Rankin, Yael Samuel, Michael Several, Arthur Stern, Jonathan Troen, and Nancy Vimla. We met over an 80-mile range from Santa Monica to Pomona but often in the middle of Los Angeles at my house. I am sure many of miss the Chapter as a way of being active. Sheila McCoy