Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater's Reflection

BTVS was an important part of my life for many years. As a long-time board and executive committee member, I was part of a team of committed souls who cared deeply about peace who helped me to articulate my own feelings as I grew into my rabbinate. There was passion, commitment, caring, fun and friendship that I will always cherish. We accomplished a great deal, laying the groundwork, in many ways, for the rise and success of J-Street, an organization that built on the success of our local, grassroots,”chapters” model. I continue to work for peace today and I know that Brit Tzedek is one of the cornerstones of why I do and say what I do. If we are ever successful in reaching a peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians, the history books will hopefully reflect the important and critical work that Brit Tzedek V’shalom did in the American Jewish community to help in sustaining the momentum when all hope seemed to be lost. Adonai oz l’amo yitain, adonai y’varech et amo va’shalom. (Psalm 29)

Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater