Rabbi John Friedman's Reflection

I was honored to work with Marcia and impressed by her accomplishments for Israel and, particularly, on behalf of Israeli women. Brit Tzedek was an influential part of a landmark movement to show affection for Israel without ignoring Israel’s moral compromises. Marcia deserves much credit for that organization’s success (together with others). Even after Brit Tzedek became a wholly owned subsidiary of J Street, Marcia could still be counted on to inspire a crowd.

It seems insincere to ignore Marcia’s words. Usually thoughtful and intelligent, her remarks occasionally felt tactless and, well, unhelpful. But though Marcia could trounce a helper with an unnecessary put down, she managed to maintain her/his allegiance. Marcia developed hundreds of admirers who shared her vision…myself included.

Tanuach b’shalom al mishkavah,
Rabbi John Friedman

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