Molly Freeman's Reflection

Brit Tzedek was well-suited to its time. It was audacious enough to be exciting and moderate enough to stay within the pale of conventional political conversation about Israel. Formed in the pre-Citizens United environment, it was led by seasoned activists not often found at the helm of strategic political organizations.

Brit Tzedek was a singular agency within the American Jewish community and within the American body politic precisely because it was grassroots, was able to attract the support of significant donors and managed to crack the silence among members of Congress who understood the corrosive role of the settlements for Israel, the Palestinians, and the US. Brit Tzedek, often in collaboration with Americans for Peace Now, gave voice to thousands of Jews capable of tolerating the tension between devotion to Israel and deep disdain for the settlement enterprise.

I was extraordinarily fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in Brit Tzedek where I would say I came of age politically, learning from its astute founders and highly competent staff.

Molly Freeman/ Oct 24, 2012