Molly Freeman's Reflection

Our Brit Tzedek days in the sun were unique, I believe, because we were not a PAC (Political Action Committee) and yet we made our voices heard in Congress.

I am profoundly grateful to Marcia for helping me find my political voice.
Although I don’t live very far from Marcia in Berkeley, I did not see her often, yet sometimes in a store or cafe when we would wave to one another. I last saw her while she was leaving a Cafe with friends just a few months ago. Although both masked we recognized and gestured fondly to one another.

My most vivid memory of Marcia is walking very fast in the underground passage from one Congressional building to another. As I recall we were both giddy with excitement and anxiety about where we were, what Members of Congress were rushing by us and thinking we might be late for our next meeting.

May Marcia’s memory be for a blessing and a call to action for us all.

With great fondness,
Molly Freeman

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