Ivan Handler's Reflection

I knew nothing of Marcia before joining Brit Tzedek. That is because I was part of the left that opposed Israel until I finally realized the foolishness of that position that was never going to achieve peace or end the violence in the region.

I never got to know Marcia that well, but the things that impressed me about her were several. First, whenever she was in a room, she was almost always the center of gravity of whatever was happening. Secondly, the number of people who knew her or knew about her was also very impressive, especially since I had never heard of her before. Thirdly, while she was generally quiet and reserved, her eyes betrayed a fierceness that I found to be both exciting and reassuring—she was very serious and capable. Finally, her commitment to social justice in all of its dimensions was really crucial for me. Marcia was a committed Jew with an expansive view of justice, hardly a one issue or one identity person.

She has left her mark on the world. Time for the rest of us to continue on, we are part of her legacy.
Ivan Handler

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