Gil Kulick's Reflection

As one of the dozens of local Middle East peace activists convening in Washington (actually Arlington, VA.,) from around the US on April 27, 2002, I first encountered Marcia at what turned out to be the founding meeting of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom. I remember being immediately impressed by the soft-spoken dynamism of this diminutive woman who emerged from a pack of passionate, opinionated Jews as the obvious choice to lead this nascent organization. It was largely thanks to Marcia’s forceful leadership that I agreed to serve on Brit Tzedek’s Board. After a year or so, for reasons I can’t quite recall, I tired from BTVS’s often contentious internal politics, and I informed Marcia of my intention to resign from the Board. Somewhat to my surprise, Marcia responded persuasively that I was indeed contributing meaningfully to the Board’s policy debates and should remain on the Board. Buoyed by Marcia’s validation, I withdrew my resignation and remained on the Board until its nearly unanimous decision to merge with J Street. Thank you, Marcia, for your vote of confidence in me. It was an honor and an inspiration to serve the cause of peace with you.

Gil Kulick

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