Frank A. Walter's Reflection

I cannot recall my initial contact with Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, but it had to be shortly after I moved to Portland from Tacoma, about 2001 or 2002. I remember attending a meeting at a synagogue about two miles from my home to listen to Rabbi Arik Ascherman, CEO of Rabbis for Human Rights. The Jewish community that attended did not appear receptive to the good Rabbis petition for Jewish acceptance of the seven “Founding Principles” of Brit. As a nonreligious person, I was excited by the rabbi’s presentation and started attending meeting and writing checks because I longed for peace in Palestine, but knew little about the history of Palestinian-Israeli relationships except for widely published accounts of the conflict that has raged in Palestine for most of my lifetime and prior to it.

When I was in Chicago in 2005 for knee surgery, I wrote to Brit (P.O. Box 180175) to inquire as to the amount of my donations only to learn that it totaled $1,400.00 ( a tidy sum for a person rejecting all religions).

Awhile back I asked the same question of Jewish Voice for Peace and was told my donations totaled $850.00 at that time.

I am under the impression I have wasted my money because of recent events in Palestine. I firmly believe the United States should cut off all aid until a Palestinian state exists and sincere American Jews should boycott Israel until that country acts in good faith.

Frank A. Walter

P.S. I hope you publish this indictment.