Cherie Brown's Reflection

I am particularly remembering Marcia from the early meetings when we first founded Brit Tzedek. When we had a million meetings for hours every night. What I most remember was Marcia’s unwavering commitment in spite of all our newness and just getting to know about working with each other. She was tireless, passionate, and deeply committed. And I remember how hard she tried, even in the face of major political differences to think afresh and try again. She was political and not always super fond of the personal, sharing feelings end of the work that some of us thought was important to do. But she was always willing to trust us and at least try whatever some of us thought was needed for community building. I so appreciated her for that.

I also deeply appreciated her commitment to feminism. May her memory help all of us to keep going in this work particularly when it gets hard.
Cherie Brown

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