Carinne Luck's Reflection

How unbelievably fortunate I was to work for, and with, Marcia Freedman in my first “proper grown up” organizing job post-college. It still feels almost too good to be true that I landed and was welcomed into an organization led by such a storied feminist, a woman who never bowed to convention or formality, a woman who was always ahead of her time.

I remember calling my mum after my interview at Barbara Kane’s house in breathless awe of this small-in-stature-only former Member of Knesset who had told the Israeli patriarchy to shove it—could you imagine, I said to my Ima, if I actually got to work with her!

Throughout my time at Brit Tzedek and after, she was always so kind to me – I could tell, even when we disagreed, she wanted to do right by me, show me how to traverse a path of principled politics. I loved sitting in her garden in Berkeley, or nervously walking the halls of Congress by her side, even as I was always at least somewhat intimidated by—and sometimes very frustrated!—with her. She could see through bullshit—and she called it out. I loved that about her too.

I can picture Marcia now, her sparkling eyes that twinkled whether she was inspired, getting into trouble, or full of righteous indignation (and often all three at once). What an honour it was to be in political struggle together. I’m forever grateful to you Marcia. May your memory be for a blessing.

Carinne Luck

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