Ben Murane's Reflection

Marcia Freedman was the most understated giant I have ever known.

I spent my 20s as a leader in Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, getting to serve alongside Marcia on the board. From the beginning, it was immediately obvious that everyone cared greatly what Marcia thought and I didn’t at the time know her background.

She was tiny. She wasn’t loud. She exuded a firmness and patience that belied what I later learned was a lengthy history of firsts and accomplishments (first US-born woman MK, first ‘out’ lesbian MK, a pioneer of Israel’s women’s movement).

Marcia didn’t wear her accomplishments on her sleeve. She didn’t seek outsize attention for herself. She wrote and spoke simply and without pomp. Her thoughts were always detailed, balanced, and delivered calmly even during times of violence. She never used her seniority to persuade — one might even forget her storied activism while speaking with her.

I will always remember Marcia for her quiet yet firm leadership. Younger activists like me are standing today on her shoulders, seeing an Israel that has her invisible, outsized touch in so many ways.

Baruch dayan emet. May her memory be for a blessing.
Ben Murane

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