Alison Pepper's Reflection

I had the perhaps unique experience of getting to know Marcia personally and see her frequently in New York as she was here often to network, fundraise and also to be with a chevra of dear friends including Esther Broner, Barbara Kane, Anita Altman, Gil Kulick and others. There were many dinners and celebrations together over those years as well as significant fundraising events bringing in resources that promoted the ability of Brit Tzedek to grow. One particularly successful event included Tony Kushner and Marcia at the home of Barbara Dobkin—standing room only!

I had a close alliance with Marcia and all she had to share politically—I learned a lot about how to speak on our issues from my personal experience of having lived in Israel for a decade with the relevant status of the day. We held events at the synagogue many of us were active in, B’nai Jeshurun, where hundreds of people attended and joined Brit Tzedek. Marcia’s command of an audience was always compelling and informative.

Marcia was a remarkable friend. During the months when Esther Broner was ill, Marcia stayed in the neighborhood for weeks on end to support her. I was blessed to live in the same building as Esther and Bob so saw Marcia frequently during that time. Even though BTvS had long merged with J Street, she was still making an impact of the issues we were dedicated to.

How remarkable it is to reflect back on the work we did together so many years ago. And how unnerving it is that yet the “matzav” has only deteriorated beyond our imagination.

May Marcia’s memory be a blessing and a push for us to continue making “good trouble” pursuing peace..
שנה טובה
Alison Pepper

Photo by Alison Pepper

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