Rabbinic Reflections on the Israeli-Lebanon War (July-August 2006)

Reflections by Rabbi Malka Drucker. August 2006. Santa Fe, NM.

Reflections on the Israel-Lebanon War by Rabbi Toba Spitzer. August 11, 2006. West Newton, MA.

A Prayer for Israel, for the Innocents, for Peace by Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein, August 2006. Jamaica Plain, MA.

Keeping the Long View Is a Spiritual Practice and Our Obligation as American Jews by Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller. July 14, 2006. San Francisco, CA.

War in Lebanon: Where Are We Going? by Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater, July 14, 2006, Pasadena, CA.

Responding to the Gaza Crisis by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, July 10, 2006, Philadelphia, PA