Charles Scally's Reflection

When I first heard of Brit Tzedek, I wanted to join. I firmly believed from the outset that the two state solution was the only viable solution. I thought of every other possibility and none worked in the long run. It was either Israel was no longer a Jewish state or the Palestinians would have to be considered second class citizens in a single state. Neither works. The status quo cannot exist forever. The two state solution works. I am Roman Catholic, however, I feel strongly about this. I am also a charter member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC I want Israel to succeed. I am pro Israel and pro peace. I am old enough to remember the vote for partition in the UN in 1947. From that point on, my whole family was strongly pro Israel. In fact, my mother loaded up our house with goods made in Israel. She said that we had to do everything to make sure the new Israeli state is successful.

Now, we have to support this movement to make sure Israel remains successful.