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Jacqueline Levine
  Former Chair
  Jewish Council
  for Public Affairs
Geoffrey H. Lewis

Robert Jay Lifton

  Harvard University
  Medical School
Theodore Mann
  Former Chair
  Conference of
  of Major American
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Rabbi Rolando Matalon
  Congregation B'nai Jeshurun
Jay Mazur
  National Committee
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Philip Meltzer
Rabbi Paul Menitoff
  Executive Vice
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Hon. Abner J. Mikva
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Earl Raab
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Gail Twersky Reimer
  Editor, “Beginning Anew”
Rabbi John L. Rosove
  Temple Israel of
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Lillian B. Rubin
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Albert Vorspan
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Michael Walzer
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  for Advanced Studies
Prof. Blanche Wiesen Cook
  Author and Historian
Aaron Wolfe
  National Director
  Hashomer Hatzair
Dear Mr. President,

As the newly elected President of the United States, you assume the leadership of our nation at a critical time in our history. As American Jews who strongly support Israel, we call on you to commit our nation to vigorous and persistent engagement in the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We ask that within the first hundred days of your administration you appoint an internationally respected envoy at the highest level to signal your intentions to pursue full implementation of the disengagement plan and a renewal of negotiations leading to a final status accord.

After four years of unrelenting violence and bloodletting, the current stalemate is unspeakably tragic for both peoples and serves as a lightning rod for international terrorism and threats to our nation's security. Moreover, the demographic reality in Israel makes clear the urgency of a two-state solution, the key to preserving Israel as both a Jewish and democratic state.

In the past, American presidents have succeeded in bringing about lasting peace agreements between Israel and her Arab neighbors. They did so by maintaining a steadfast commitment in the face of numerous obstacles.

We believe that Israeli and Palestinian leaders can be brought back to the negotiating table through your committed and persistent leadership in support of a negotiated two-state solution. Meeting this challenge would be an unparalleled achievement for your presidency. We strongly urge you to take all steps necessary to renew the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and thus advance America's historic contribution to regional stability, global security, and international peace.

Signed, The Host Committee

Host Committee*

Esther-Ann Asch
  Chair, Women's Task Force
Stuart Appelbaum
  Jewish Labor Committee
Bernice Balter
Georgette F. Bennett, Ph.D
  Tanenbaum Center for
  Interreligious Understanding
Theodore Bikel
Kenneth Bob
  Labor Zionist Alliance
E.M. Broner
Gerald Bubis
  Professor Emeritus
  Hebrew Union College
Daniel G. Cedarbaum
  Jewish Reconstructionist
Jonathan J. Cohen
Stephen P. Cohen
  Institute for Middle East
  Peace and Development
Rabbi Rachel Cowan
  Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Barbara Dobkin
Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell
  Open Door Haggadah
Eve Ensler
Leonard Fein
Melodye Feldman
  Founding Director
  Seeking Common Ground
Tovah Feldshuh
  Broadway Actress,
  "Golda's Balcony"

Marjorie Ellen Fine
Marcia Freedman
  Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Debbie Friedman
  Singer and Songwriter
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
  Distinguished Professor
  Graduate Center, CUNY
Richard Gunther
  Board Member
  American Jewish Joint
  Distribution Committee
Nadine B. Hack
  President, beCause
  Global Consulting
Lesley Hazleton
Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg
  Former President
  American Jewish Congress
Susannah Heschel
  Dartmouth College
Erica Jong
  Novelist and Poet
Maribeth Kaptchuk
  Board Member
  Parents Circle
  Bereaved Families Forum
Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann
  Senior Associate Dean
  for Religious Life
  Stanford University
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
Victor Kovner
  First Amendment
Tony Kushner
Luis Lainer
  Americans for Peace Now

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