The Annapolis Conference is TOMORROW!


For the first time in six and a half years, we actually have real diplomacy happening, led by the United States!  And you have a chance to be a part of history!


Below are the final details for the rally.  Please come to Annapolis and join us!  And don't just come yourself, bring a friend, bring two!  Whether you need take a day off, call in sick, put the kids in day care (of course, feel free to bring them!), or miss class, please do whatever you must to join us in Annapolis for this historic event!  This is our chance to be a part of history!


You can find the most up to date information on our website at


Brit Tzedek contact info:
If you are planning to attend and/or need bus reservations, please contact us ASAP by emailing Jessica Gorelick at or calling 212-366-1670. 

Now is the time for us to show our support for peace!  We look forward to seeing you in Annapolis!


Rally location:  
The peace rally will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 1:00 PM – 3:00 P.M., on the grounds of St. Anne’s Church, 199 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, Maryland (or inside the church in the event of inclement weather).   

Transportation to the Rally:

A.      Chartered Bus:  We have chartered buses directly to the Annapolis rally from New York City leaving from 114 W 26th Street at 7:30 AM.  The New York City bus will have a pickup stop at the Clara Barton rest stop between Exits 1 and 2 on the NJ Turnpike (South) at approximately 9:15 AM for those driving from Philadelphia/New Jersey area that would like a ride down to Annapolis - please be parked and ready to hop on the bus at 9:15 AM.  There will also be a bus from Washington DC leaving from the College Park metro station at 11:00 AM.  

B.       Bus Fare:  The roundtrip fare for the bus from NYC is $20 per adult, and $10 for students or under 25 (the first 50 students or under 25 will receive a full fare subsidy through Habonim Dror).   For the bus from Washington, a donation is suggested to help the sponsoring organizations cover bus rental costs. 

C.      Driving and Parking:  If you wish to drive to the rally in Annapolis, there is likely to be only one lot where parking will be available:  the lot at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, 1.2 miles from the rally location.  Free shuttle buses leave every 15 minutes and will drop riders off a short distance from the rally location at St. Anne’s Church (at Church Circle half a block away).  Here's a map of Annapolis showing the free bus shuttle route from the parking lot to St. Anne's Church:

The Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis is at the intersection of Rowe Boulevard and Taylor Ave.  Enter through Gate 5 on the West side of Taylor Ave.  

Link to Yahoo map of Annapolis area of stadium parking lot:

Links to additional parking lot and shuttle information: <> / and

What to bring:
a.      Personal:  Warm clothes, umbrellas in case of rain, and pack your own lunch, snacks and drinking water or beverage.  Also - don't forget your camera!
b.      Signs but no sticks or poles:  A list of slogans for signs has been approved by the sponsoring organizations—please see below for the list.    We encourage you to make signs using these messages and to bring them to the rally.    Please note that no sticks or poles are permitted at the rally. 

Approved slogans for the rally:
The time has come for peace, now! 
It’s time to choose; yes to a peace agreement!
Prime Minister Olmert: We Support Your Effort to Negotiate Peace
American Jews Want Peace!
Negotiations for Israel’s Sake
President Bush: Help Israelis and Palestinians Work Towards Peace
Wanted:  Strong US Mideast Diplomacy
Two States for Two Peoples – The Time Has Come
"No Turning Back on Peace: Annapolis is Just the Beginning!
"Peace is Pro-Israel"
“Enough blood, enough tears.” Two states for two peoples.  (Yitzhak Rabin)
“Seek peace and pursue it”
“Zionists for Peace”
“Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace”
“Better to have the pains of peace, than the sufferings of War” (Yitzhak Rabin)

Cosponsoring organizations:
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Americans for Peace Now
Meretz USA
Union of Progressive Zionists
Kesher ARZA
Habonim Dror
Hashomer Hatzair
The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring

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Phone: (312) 341-1205
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