For the sake of both Israel and its neighbors, pressure must be brought to bear on the US government to take steps in conjunction with the international community to de-escalate the rapidly developing crisis. Below are some ways that you can get involved:  on you own or with other like-minded people. (Contact carinne@btvshalom.org for assistance in networking with others in your area.)

Learn About the Situation!

Educate others!

  • Talk with your friends, colleagues, congregants and others about the situation. Listen thoughtfully even if you disagree.
  • Organize or attend meetings about the crisis with Brit Tzedek, congregants and others in your social network.  (See Brit Tzedek meeting tips).

Advocate for a Peaceful Resolution of the Crisis!

  • Sign the Brit Tzedek Action Alert: Tell Bush: Real Ceasefire Now! and forward it to your social network and to Congressional staffers you know.
  • Print the "Letter to Bush and Congress" from the Action Alert and have people sign with their signature, printed name, city and state.
  • Organize a group to listen to Brit Tzedek Town Hall Conference Calls with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and policy analysts. Then hold a discussion afterwards.

Stand Up for Peace in the Jewish Community!

  • Attend pro-Israel rallies in your community with other Brit Tzedek supporters. Wear Brit Tzedek t-shirts and pins, share Brit Tzedek's Action Alert letter and carry signs with our message:  "Stop the Cycle of Violence: Ceasefire Now!"; "US & International Diplomacy Now!" Click here for more sign slogans.
  •  Attend Jewish community meetings with other Brit Tzedek members and share our message during the Q and A period.

Stand Up for Peace in the Media!

Donate to Brit Tzedek!

  • During these extraordinary times, Brit Tzedek needs your help more than ever. Please make a donation today. Your contribution will help us to continue to build a lasting grassroots movement, one that can fight for a true peace.

For further information, contact Carinne Luck, Director of Chapter and Grassroots Development by email carinne@btvshalom.org or phone (212) 366-1670.

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