Don't Let Gaza Fail!

Dear Friends of Brit Tzedek,

So much depends on the success of the Gaza withdrawal—there are significant consequences for Israel, for the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority, and for the United States.

There are many complicated issues that have to be worked out between the two sides if the withdrawal is to be successful. Among the most critical are the movement of people and goods to and from Gaza; the reopening of the Gaza airport; the building of a seaport; the fate of settler homes and greenhouses; and the control of air and sea traffic.

The Israelis and Palestinians will need close assistance from the U.S. in making the tough decisions on these issues and on coordinating the implementation of all aspects of the withdrawal. Economic and security matters are currently being overseen by the two U.S. and Quartet envoys, James Wolfensohn and General William Ward. But there is a political vacuum that must be filled.

Don't Let Gaza Fail!

Join our urgent call for President Bush to appoint a full-time, high-level envoy, to be present in the region on a daily basis, reporting directly to the President and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and accompanied by a team of monitors to corroborate claims by both sides about terms of agreement.

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As a large grassroots network, we can do our part, locally and nationally, to see to it that the Gaza withdrawal moves forward on time and in a manner that creates an atmosphere conducive to a resumption of negotiations.

Sign the call today. Tell your friends and loved ones to sign. Download a paper petition and take copies with you to gather signatures at Jewish community events. Make a contribution to help us spread the word. The more ways you can help, the better.

Keep hope alive. In these often troubling times, we should always bear in mind the traditional commandment to "seek peace and pursue it."


Diane Balser

Marcia Freedman

Message from American Jews to the President

Don't Let Gaza Fail!

As concerned American Jews united in our unwavering support for Israel, we share your continuing vision of a just and secure resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel's best option for long-term stability and security is two democratic states living securely side by side.

What transpires in the months following the Gaza withdrawal will determine the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Therefore, we call on you to:

  • Immediately appoint a well-known senior statesman as an envoy to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, to remain on the ground before, during and in the months following the withdrawal.

  • Provide the envoy with a team of monitors to enable independent corroboration of claims by both sides about the steps taken or not taken to implement and coordinate agreements.
The two sides remain far apart in their understanding of their obligations and the necessary coordination of the Israeli withdrawal. The immediate future of international ports of entry, crossings into Israel of goods and people, evacuated settler houses, and much more is still undecided or in dispute.

A prestigious high-level envoy, present in the region on a daily basis, is needed to help both sides reach agreement on the large and small details that must be coordinated to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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