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Brit Tzedek v'Shalom

Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace

* This resource page is no longer being updated but we leave it online as a resource to our activists.

Resources on Summer 2006 Mideast Crisis

To engage our supporters in dialogue and action around the current Mideast crisis, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom has created this resource page with up-to-date news, analysis, and action items. Please check back regularly for updates.

A. Brit Tzedek Resources
B. News and Analysis
C. Background information
D. Organizational Statements
E. Opinions and Commentary
F. Maps and Graphics
G. Rabbinic Cabinet Commentary on the Matzav

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[last updated: October 10, 2006]

A. Brit Tzedek Resources

B. News and Analysis

The Sixth Arab-Israeli War: An Arab Perspective October 11, 2006, Dr. Abdel Monem Said Aly, Crown Center for Middle East Studies

How Hezbollah Defeated Israel, October 2006, Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry, Asia Times

The Hezbollah-Israel War: A Preliminary Assessment September 10, 2006, Professor Shai Feldman, Crown Center for Middle East Studies

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature August 16, 2006, John Kifner, The New York Times

West Bank Withdrawal Panel: No solution to rocket threat August 15, 2006, Aluf Benn, Haaretz

Assad: America's Mideast 'an illusion' August 15, 2006, Jerusalem Post Staff, The Jerusalem Post

Nobody's Victory, But In The End Israel Could Not Defeat Hizbollah August 13, 2006, Peter Beaumont, The Observer

Meretz, Peace Now To Join Anti-War Protest August 10, 2006, Attila Somfalvi, Ynet News

Left Upset over Anti-War Coverage August 8, 2006, Gil Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post

The Uneven Calculus of Mideast Victory August 4, 2006, Scott Peterson. The Christian Science Monitor

*Some Liberal Jews Break Ranks on Israel August 3, 2006, Jonathan Tilove, Newhouse News Service

Europeans, Offering Peacekeepers, Call for End of Hostilities Now August 2, 2006, Colum Lynch, The Washington Post

*FAQ: How can the violence be stopped? July 31, 2006, Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Clinton Calls on Western Leaders To Broker Lebanese Ceasefire July 27, 2006, Murray Brewster, Canadian Press

EU Solution: Int'l peacekeeping force July 24, 2006, Associated Press, The Jerusalem Post

6 Keys to Peace July 23, 2006, Michael Elliott, TIME

*Peace Movement Urges Cease-Fire July 21, 2006, JTA News

Marshalling The Pro-Israel Forces July 20, 2006, James D. Besser, The Jewish Week

*Push Made for U.N. To Go Into Lebanon July 18, 2006, Peter Baker and Robin Wright, The Washington Post

*Why US looks to others in Mideast crisis July 17, 2006, Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor

*Rockets Create a 'Balance of Fear' With Israel, Gaza Residents Say July 9, 2006, Greg Myre, The New York Times

*Analysis: Israel’s hostage complex June 26, 2006, Anshel Pfeffer, Jerusalem Post

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C. Background Information

Hezbollah's Strategic Threat to Israel, The Middle East Forum

Conflict in the Middle East, The Washington Post Resource Section

Timeline of Current Crisis, The Washington Post

Backgrounder on Hamas, Council on Foreign Relations

Hamas’ Leaders, Council on Foreign Relations

Backgrounder on Hezbollah, Council on Foreign Relations

Americans for Peace Now Resource Page on the Current Crisis, Americans for Peace Now

D. Organizational Statements

At Long Last, Try Something Different August 18, 2006, M.J. Rosenberg, Israel Policy Forum

Action Alert: Too Soon to Announce ?Mission Accomplished? - U.S. Diplomacy Needed Now August 17, 2006, Americans for Peace Now

A Reflection from Ann Kerr on US Policy and the Mideast Crisis August 15, 2006, Churches for Middle East Peace

UNSC Resolution 1701, August 11, 2006, UNSC

Statement on Gaza by United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory August 3, 2006, UNRWA, UNICEF, WHO, OCHA, WFP, OHCHR

APN Calls on Bush to Broker a Ceasefire, Convene International Peace Summit August 2, 2006, Americans for Peace Now

*Ceasefire Letter to Bush from Representatives Price, Capps, Filner, and Leach July 28 2006

Does Unilateralism Still Make Sense? July 27, 2006, Israel Policy Forum

*Israel/Palestine/Lebanon: Climbing Out of the Abyss July 25, 2006, International Crisis Group

*New IPCRI Policy Paper : A Comprehensive Approach to the Current Crises July 25, 2006, Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information

Church Leaders Call for End to Mideast Violence July 21, 2006, Churches for Middle East Peace

APN Policy Statement July 20, 2006, Americans for Peace Now

THE CRISIS TODAY - An Insider's Briefing a daily brief of the current crisis, APN

*Middle East Statement July 16, 2006, G-8 Leaders

On the Recent Escalation on Israel’s Borders July 14, 2006, Meretz USA

Reform Leader Condemns Hezbollah Attacks and Kidnapping of Soldiers Calls on Syria & Iran to Cease Support of Hezbollah July 12, 2006, Union for Reform Judaism

APN Condemns Hezbollah Attack, Calls for Resumption of US Diplomacy in Region July 12, 2006, Americans for Peace Now

ATFP Calls for Diplomatic Resolution of Growing Middle East Crisis July 12, 2006, American Task Force on Palestine

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E. Opinions and Commentary

Quit the Canard That American Policy Advances Israeli Security August 25, 2006, Daniel Levy, The Forward

Lessons of the Lebanon War August 15, 2006, Daoud Kuttab, The Jerusalem Post

US Mideast Clout May Be Casualty of Lebanon War August 14, 2006, Matt Spetalnick, Reuters

Talk to Lebanon August 14, 2006, Gershon Baskin, The Jerusalem Post

The 'Morning After' Commission August 13, 2006, Yossi Beilin, Haaretz

The Day After August 13, 2006, Galia Golan, Haaretz

With Friends Like These August 11, 2006, MJ Rosenberg, Israel Policy Forum

Regressing a Full Generation August 11, 2006, Meron Benvenisti, Haaretz

The Test of the Zionist Left August 8, 2006, Yossi Beilin, Haaretz

Editorial: A Truce for Lebanon August 7, 2006, The New York Times

*Ending the Neoconservative Nightmare August 4, 2006, Daniel Levy, Haaretz

*Better To Tell Truth than Parrot Propaganda August 2, 2006, Warren Goldstein, The Star Tribune

Lebanon II: The first war run by Peace Now August 2, 2006, Bradley Burston, Haaretz

Beyond Lebanon: This Is the Time for a U.S.-Led Comprehensive Settlement July 30, 2006, Brent Scowcroft, The Washington Post

*Separate PA from Lebanon July 24, 2006, Haaretz Editorial, Haaretz

The Gap Between 'Right' And 'Effective' July 24, 2006, Galia Golan, YNet

Meet Your Enemies July 22, 2006, Robert Malley, The New York Times

A Crisis Foretold July 19, 2006, Jo-Ann Mort, The American Prospect

Playing Hamas’s Game July 15, 2006, Editorial, The New York Times

*Where Is the US? July 7, 2006, MJ Rosenberg, Israel Policy Forum

*American Weakness July 5, 2006, Yossi Beilin, Haaretz

F. Maps and Graphics

Handbook: Lebanon’s Divisive Sectarian Past

Fighting on Two Fronts The Washington Post

Hezbollah’s Arsenal The New York Times

Map of Attacks in Gaza, Lebanon, and Israel The New York Times

G. Rabbinic Cabinet Commentary on the Matsav

Reflections August 2006, Rabbi Malka Drucker, Santa Fe, NM

Reflections on the Israel-Lebanon War August 11, 2006, Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, West Newton, MA

A Prayer for Israel, for the Innocents, for Peace August 2006, Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein, Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue, Jamaica Plain, MA

Sermon: Peace in the Face of War July 21, 2006, Rabbi Hillel Gamoran, Seattle, WA

Mideast Violence Is Misery for All July 15, 2006, Rabbi Maurice Harris, Register-Guard, Eugene, OR

Keeping the Long View Is a Spiritual Practice and Our Obligation as American Jews July 14, 2006, Rabbi Judie Saxe-Taller, Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco, CA

War in Lebanon: Where Are We Going? July 14, 2006, Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater, Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center, Pasadena, CA

Responding to the Gaza Crisis July 10, 2006, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center, Philadelphia, PA

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