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Brit Tzedek v'Shalom

Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace

Press Coverage 2003
Herald Times
December 19, 2003
Accord Kindles the Flame of Hope
Sue Swartz and Julie Bloom, co-chairs of Bloomington, IN Chapter
This is the time of year when Jews the world over retell the Hanukkah story: a small band of Israelites determined to preserve their religion and way of life defeat the huge Greco-Syrian army, then retake and rededicate the Holy Temple. The Maccabees light the Temple menorah with one day's worth of oil and it miraculously burns with the flames of freedom for eight days. [read more]

J. the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
December 4, 2003
Wake Up Sharon - Here Is a Chance for Progress
Marcia Freedman, President of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
"There Is a Partner," "There Is a Plan" and "Peace is Possible" read the banners adorning the stage at the ceremonies in Geneva inaugurating a new era of Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. That is the hope of the Geneva accords, an extra-governmental final status agreement negotiated by moderate Israelis and Palestinians that specifies every last detail with accompanying maps for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and lasting peace. [read more]

New Voices
November 2003
A New Hope
Judah Ariel, Board Member and Campus Committee Chair
The giant banners above the 100,000 Israelis rallying in memory of Yitzhak Rabin read, "The Geneva Initiative - A New Hope." After three years of a Palestinian intifada that has brought suicide bombings, an imploding economy, a stalled peace process, and collapsing spirits to Israel, this new hope brought out the largest gathering of Israelis since Ariel Sharon's election. [read more]

The Jewish Week (NY)
November 7, 2003
Mitzna: Geneva Plan The Only Way
Stewart Ain
"Amram Mitzna... predicted Tuesday that the party would "disappear" unless it adopts at least the principles of the Geneva Initiative, a proposed peace settlement he helped to negotiate with Palestinian leaders." [read more]

The Jewish Advocate (Boston, MA)
November 7, 2003
Peace, Peace, but There Is No Peace
Penny Schwartz
An unexpected promise of peace between Israel and the Palestinians blended with an enthusiastic appetite for political action at a national conference -sponsored by the Chicago-based Brit Tzedek V'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, held Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 at Boston's Park Plaza Hotel. [read more]

The Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia, PA)
November 6, 2003
A Creator of a New Mideast Peace Lays Out What?s On the Line
Faygie Levy
Amram Mitzna, who lost a January bid to become Israel's prime minister, laid out his vision for a two-state solution known as the "Geneva Initiative," at Main Line Reform Temple, Beth Elohim in Wynnewood to a crowd of nearly 400 people. Claiming that Jews worldwide had been "brainwashed" into accepting that there is "nothing to do, no one to talk with," the former mayor of Haifa spent his time trying to convince the audience that Israel does have a partner in the Palestinians." [read more]

Brookline TAB
November 6, 2003
Competing Middle East Stances Confuse and Clarify
Dennis Fox
Brookline was well represented last weekend at Boston's Park Plaza Hotel, where activists from Brit Tzedek v'Shalom (Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace) organized for a peaceful future between Israel and a State of Palestine. [read more]

Minnesota Women's Press (St. Paul, MN)
November 5, 2003
In Israel, Peace Is a Feminist Issue
Elizabeth O?Sullivan
Jewish Alliance leader says country's focus on military is detrimental to women. [read more]

The Boston Globe
November 1, 2003
From the Mideast Moderates, A Bold Plan for Peace
MK Amram Mitzna
Op-ed on the Geneva Initiative was published on the day of his keynote speech at Brit Tzedek's second national conference in Boston. [read more]

The Boston Globe
October 26, 2003
A New US Movement for Middle East Peace
Middle East analyst Stephen P. Cohen writes in an op-ed about Brit Tzedek v?Shalom. ?This new organization is made up of people concerned about peace and justice who haven't fit in with the present range of Jewish organizations. Brit Tzedek hopes to carry the message of a reemerging Israeli peace movement into the American political scene.? [read more]

The West Portal Monthly
August 2003
Where I Stand On Israel
Jim Remsen
The author challenges conventional notions of the keys to Israel's strength, security and survival. [read more]

The Philadelphia Inquirer
August 3, 2003
A Campaign to 'Buy' Settlers Home
Jim Remsen
Money enticed most of them there, and money is the surest way to bring them back. That is the guiding principle of a costly, controversial grassroots Jewish campaign tackling one of the Mideast conflict's thorniest issues: the Israeli settlers living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip... [read more]

Jerusalem Post
August 1, 2003
Hide and Seek around the Outposts
The writer, a former Meretz MK and professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, refers to Brit Tzedek's Call and describes why "It is high time that the government formulated a policy for the resettlement of settlers." [read more]

The Jewish Exponent
July 31, 2003
New Group Issues a Pressing Call: 'Bring the Settlers Home'
Closing Israeli settlements would increase the country's security, remove the settlers from danger, and enhance the moral and democratic character of Israel... [read more]

Seattle Jewish Transcript
June 2003
Group Seeks to Bring Settlers Back to Israel
Janis Siegel
One of the single most contentious issues in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis has been the Jewish settlements... [read more]

St. Petersburg Times
June 22, 2003
Unsettled in the Mideast
David Ballingrud
Ariel Sharon and the Likud Party have long been champions of Israeli settlements in land Palestinians claim as their own... It has taken place without the support of many Israelis, who worry that many of the settlements can't be justified and provoke Arab rage. Rather than making Israel safer, they say, these settlements are a root cause of terrorism. Now [through Brit Tzedek v'Shalom] those Israelis are being heard... [read more]

June 5, 2003
The Middle East Matrix -- Revisited
Barry Joseph, Brit Tzedek's Secretary
Op-Ed about the lessons learned from the Matrix films and what they teach us about achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians. [read more]

June 4, 2003
Put Aid to Work against Bloody Stalemate
Jim Mullins
In this op-ed, a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington points to Brit Tzedek as offering a solution to "help bring peace and end the horrors engulfing both the Israelis and Palestinians." [read more]

Washington Jewish Week
May 23, 2003
Cherie Brown, the Vice President of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Brown addresses our Call to Bring the Settlers Home to Israel campaign. [read more]

KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny
May 22, 2003
Relations Between Arab and Jewish Citizens of Israel Forum
Forum discusses relations between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel, as well as the Bush administration's "road map" for peace in the region. Guests: Azmi Bishara and Marcia Freedman.
Listen to their [audio archive].

Boston's NPR Show, Here and Now
May 22, 2003
American Group Pays Jews to Leave West Bank
We speak with a representative from an American group that's raising money to pay Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza strip to move out and relocate in an effort to alleviate one of the major conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians?
Listen to their [audio archive].

The Jewish Advocate (MA)
May 16, 2003
Local Group Advancing Plan to Relocate Settlers
Jason Nielsen
A Cambridge-based group plans to launch a petition drive next week to garner support for a new policy to raise funds to relocate settlers from the West Bank and Gaza... [read more]

The Boston Globe
May 16, 2003
The Major Roadblock on Road Map to Peace
Herbert C. Kelman, Brit Tzedek Advisory Committee Member
Op-Ed about Brit Tzedek's Call to Bring the Settlers Home. [read more]

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
May 13, 2003
If Pressure Won't Move Settlers, Activists Think Cash Might Do It
Joe Berkofsky
Where pressure and persuasion have failed to grease the wheels of Israeli-Palestinian peace, cash will. At least that's the thinking behind a new campaign powered by such figures as actor Ed Asner, novelist Michael Chabon and cartoonist Art Spiegelman... [read more]

The Forward
May 1, 2003
Buy the Settlers Out
Marcia Freedman, President of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Brit Tzedek's Call to Bring the Settlers Back Home to Israel is first announced through an Op-Ed in the Forward. [read more]

March 6, 2003
Working for a Secure Israel
Rachel Zuckerman
Brit Tzedek V'Shalom is about to launch a petition known as "Bring The Settlers Home to Israel." They hope it will lead to a dismantling of the settlements in the disputed territories and effectively change American foreign policy toward Israel, encouraging the United States to take on a larger role in negotiating a peace treaty between Israelis and Palestinians. [read more]

The Jewish Herald-Voice
March 27, 2003
Give Peace A Chance Says New Jewish Organization
Aaron Howard
A local Jewish paper details the emergence of the Houston chapter, interviews Brit Tzedek president Marcia Freedman, and details the Houston appearance of Ishai Menuchin. [read more]

The Daily Hampshire Gazette
April 2, 2003
Jewish Chapter Critical of Israeli Policies
Sunshine Dewitt
Local Jewish people seeking an avenue to support Israel even as they criticize its government's policies have organ, Massachusetts... [read more]

The Burlington Free Press
March 16, 2003
James Marc Leas
A letter to the editor promoting the launch of Brit Tzedek's call to bring the settlers home within Israel's pre-1967 borders. [read more]

The Christian Science Monitor (NY)
February 6, 2003
US Jews Feel Rising Heat of Israel Debate
Jane Lampman
An excellent article about Brit Tzedek's attempts to make a place for itself within Jewish communities. "While polls show a majority support our principles," said Cherie Brown, Brit Tzedek's vice-president, "there is enormous fear and discouragement, and we are up against a key community issue - whether to have an open, welcoming place for dissenting views." [read more]

Detroit Jewish News
February 2, 2003
New Peace Group
Two and a half years of Palestinian terrorism have turned many Jewish peaceniks into hawks. But leaders of a new group think the time is right for a new, grass-roots peace movement with a strong focus on influencing policymakers in Washington. [read more]

Palm Beach Jewish Journal & Dade Jewish Journal
January 14, 2003
J. Zel Lurie, Chapter Leader
Op-Ed about Senator Lieberman's "remarkable statements about how to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians." [read more]

NY Daily News (NY)
January 24, 2003
Israelis Want Peace and Security: Only Mitzna Can Deliver
Marcia Freedman, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom President
Op-Ed piece about the Israeli election. [read more]

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