50,000 Brit Tzedek Activists, Rabbinic Cabinet to Ally with J Street’s National Grassroots Program
Veteran organizer Laurie Moskowitz to serve as senior adviser;
Carinne Luck returns to run day-to-day

Brit Tzedek chapters and activists and its heralded Rabbinic Cabinet will soon become part of J Street's new national field and grassroots program when the new program launches early next year, the venerable Jewish grassroots organization's board said Friday.

"We are very excited to be joining forces with J Street at this critical moment in history," said Steve Masters, Brit Tzedek's president. "Our extensive grassroots network will be immeasurably strengthened by combining resources with J Street's superb political and lobbying operations."

"Our job now is to do everything possible to ensure President Obama's success with his peacemaking efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Together with J Street, we can significantly ramp up our strategic grassroots organizing campaigns to the next level," Masters said.

In the seven years since it was founded, Brit Tzedek has mobilized nearly 50,000 activists in 40 chapters and over 1,000 rabbis as effective advocates for US leadership in reaching a negotiated, two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The organization, which has offices in Chicago and Washington, has built a strong network of relationships with community-based organizations such as JCRCs, boards of rabbis and synagogues and has long been the leading voice in local Jewish communities for a negotiated two-state solution.

Carinne Luck, who was formerly both Brit Tzedek's director of organizing and J Street's founding chief of staff, will become the deputy field organizer with day-to-day management of the outreach operation.

Veteran political organizer Laurie Moskowitz will serve as a senior adviser to J Street and will focus on the integration of Brit Tzedek and J Street, and as the architect of the new field organization and grassroots efforts to support the combined organization's policy and strategic initiatives.

Moskowitz brings with her a wealth of campaign experience.  She is a founder of FieldWorks, one of the nation's premiere grassroots organizing and field strategy firms. In this capacity, Laurie has developed and managed hundreds of field programs for candidates, issue based organizations, corporate clients, state political parties, and ballot initiatives in over 30 states. She has helped a diverse range of clients all achieve success, among them the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,Genocide Intervention Network, Sierra Club, ACLU and the Reform movement of Judaism.  Prior to starting FieldWorks, Laurie served as director of the National Coordinated Campaign for the 2000 Democratic presidential election, a campaign distinguished by the ability to integrate message with state-of-the-art voter contact techniques, a very sophisticated targeting of voters, an unparalleled program of new voting techniques and the aggressive use of new technologies. Moskowitz's work has helped to elevate the importance of grassroots organizing throughout the entire political arena, creating a new discipline within the political consulting establishment.

"We are very pleased at what J Street has achieved over the past year and a half in creating an effective framework for the movement as a whole," said Aliza Becker, acting Executive Director of Brit Tzedek. "We believe that by working with J Street we can best amplify the power and voice of the grassroots."

The announcement was made on the eve of J Street's first-ever conference that will bring more than 1,200 pro-Israel activists together in Washington to work to secure Israel's future as the democratic homeland for the Jewish people.

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