Please call Senator Dick Durbin today at
(202) 224-2152

*Tell him that American Jews stand behind Obama's Middle East peace policies.

*Urge him NOT to sign the Dear Colleague letter being circulated by Senators Bayh and Risch regarding President Obama's peace initiatives, unless and until it is revised to reflect the President's balanced approach to Middle East peace. In its current form, the letter blames Arab leaders alone for the lack of progress in negotiations, and fails to mention both the administration's insistence that Israel freeze settlement construction and that the Palestinians rein in violence and incitement -- requirements of the Road Map to Peace, to which both parties are signatories. Click her for a calling script.

We cannot let a small but noisy minority speak for the majority of the American Jewish community. Now is the time to rally behind President Obama.

Senator Roland Burris, (202) 224-2854, is one of a small number of Democrats who have already signed the letter. Let Senator Burris know we expect him to stand behind President Obama.

After you have called, please let us know at

Say No to Anti-Obama Israel Rally in Chicago

Next Sunday, August 9, a rally is planned for Chicago's Daley Plaza in protest of President Obama's Middle East peace policies, planned by Christian Zionists and Jewish Americans who claim to represent the Jewish community.

The rally's sponsors say they aim "to respond to Obama/Emanuel/Axelrod, who are demanding that Israel divide Jerusalem and give it to the very forces who want all Jews dead...." Rally propaganda reads: "No freeze on Israeli's cities, Israel has been ours for 5,000 years."

Now is the time to let our representatives in Congress know where the overwhelming majority of American Jews stand: solidly behind President Obama's pursuit of Middle East peace.

Seventy-eight per cent of the American Jewish community voted for Barack Obama in the Presidential elections, and more than two-thirds of us support his efforts to take an assertive role in the search for a durable Arab-Israeli peace.

The Chicago chapter is in the process of setting up home district meetings with Congressional Representatives -- tomorrow we will be meeting with Rep. Mike Quigley (D-5) to discuss the importance of Congressional backing for the Administration's policy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

If you live in the districts of Reps. Bobby Rush (D-1), Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-2), Luis Gutierrez (D-4), Danny Davis (D-7), Melissa Bean (D-8), or Mark Kirk (D-10), and would like to be part of a home district meeting, please let us know by contacting

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