We've Got Your Back, Mr. President
A Pledge to Build Support for President Obama's Pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

When Netanyahu Met Obama

Change is underway in American foreign policy: During their first White House meeting, President Obama pulled no punches in clarifying to Prime Minister Netanyahu that a two-state resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict has his full, unwavering support -- and he didn't hesitate to take on contentious issues, either, even while expressing his "great confidence" that Netanyahu will "rise to the occasion."

"Settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward," Obama said frankly, going out of his way to also talk about the suffering in Gaza: "The fact is that if the people of Gaza have no hope, if they can't even get clean water at this point... then that is not going to be a recipe for Israel's long-term security."

Netanyahu was hesitant to publicly commit to the President's agenda, but it's clear that the Administration's message is getting through: the Prime Minister stated his willingness to start peace negotiations with Syria and the Palestinians, without preconditions, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced that the government will dismantle illegal outposts by force if necessary.

But it remains to be seen if Israeli policy will extend to meeting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's demand to "stop... settlement construction - additions, natural growth, any kind of settlement activity." Will the Israeli government freeze construction? Or will they raze an outpost here and there and expect it to be enough -- as they did under the former administration?

One thing is clear: The more powerful and persistent the Obama administration can be, the more inclined the Israeli government will be to engage substantively with the peace process -- and we can have a hand in making that happen!

The support of the American Jewish community and our allies is essential to keeping the Administration on course. You can signal that support by signing Brit Tzedek's "We've Got Your Back, Mr. President!" Pledge.

Let the President know that you will:

  • back his committed, persistent leadership in support of a negotiated two-state solution

  • work within your community to create the political space to allow him to take bold, decisive steps

  • act to urge Congress to support the President in this endeavor

  • make it known that an American President who dedicates himself to establishing a durable Israeli-Palestinian peace acts in the best interests of Israelis, Palestinians, the United States, and the world community.

Sign the pledge at obamapledge.org

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