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President Obama has just completed his first 100 days in office. For the first time in U.S. history, an administration has made a negotiated 2-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and visible on-the-ground change a top priority from Day 1.

However, Obama's Congressional opponents are now trying to obstruct his request for additional assistance to Palestinians and the potential for such aid to continue under a Palestinian unity government.  Aid is central to ensure that basic human needs of the population are met, to revive the economy, and to maintain stability. Stand with President Obama today -- tell your Senators and Representative to support the Palestinian aid provisions of the FY 09 supplemental budget request.

The administration has proposed a stipulation -- as part of the $83 billion spending bill -- that would allow humanitarian, re-building, and other aid to continue to flow to the Palestinian Authority in the event that a unity government is formed between Fatah and Hamas.

Let's be clear. The Obama proposal does not propose violation of U.S. law. It requires that any new Palestinian government meet 3 longstanding internationally agreed-upon criteria: recognition of Israel, renouncing of violence, and compliance with past Israeli-Palestinian agreements.

Secretary of State Clinton asked members of the Foreign Operations subcommittee not to bind the President's hands in the event that such a unity government is formed. A Palestinian government that brings together Fatah and Hamas, Gaza and the West Bank is a more meaningful partner for peace negotiations with Israel.

Take 60 seconds today and show your support for President Obama's pragmatic and principled diplomacy efforts today.


Sue Swartz, Chair of Advocacy
Deepa Domansky, Washington Liaison and Advocacy Coordinator

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Your Congressperson
Your Senators

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Support the Obama Administration’s Palestinian aid provisions of FY 09 Supplemental Budget Request

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am writing to request that you support the Obama administration’s Palestinian aid provisions of FY 09 supplemental budget request.  As a pro-Israel, pro-peace constituent, I urge you to approve desperately needed Palestinian aid to alleviate human suffering, build infrastructure, and address other vital needs; as well as approve the loosening of the ban on aid to a Fatah-Hamas unity government. 

Palestinian aid is central to maintain stability and ensure that basic human needs of the population are met. A Palestinian government that brings together Fatah and Hamas, Gaza and the West Bank, and follows the Quartet’s agreed upon requirements, is also a viable partner for peace negotiations with Israel.

Please do not tie Secretary Clinton's hands -- support the administration's pragmatic and principled diplomacy efforts today.


[Your Name]

Take Action!

Click here to urge Congress to support the Obama administration’s supplemental budget request including vital humanitarian, re-building, and other aid for Palestinians.


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