Tell Senator Obama: Make Visit to Israel & the West Bank Count!

Dear Friend of Brit Tzedek,

Next week Senator Barack Obama will visit Israel and the West Bank, where he plans to meet with several Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, as well as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 

Urge Senator and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Obama to demonstrate his intent, during this trip, to make Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking a national foreign policy priority during his presidency!

Here's how Senator Obama can demonstrate, during his trip, his intent to make peacemaking a priority:

  1. Listen to the perspectives of both Israelis and Palestinians and assess the security and humanitarian concerns of both sides.
  2. Avoid statements that could predetermine the outcome of peace talks or undermine the ability of the next American president to return the U.S. to its long-standing role as honest broker in the region. 
  3. Declare support for recent diplomatic achievements in the region, including the Gaza ceasefire, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Israeli-Syrian peace talks, and recent U.S. plans to engage with Iran.

The next U.S. President, regardless of party affiliation, cannot repeat the mistakes of President Bush by waiting until the final year of an Administration to become actively engaged in the peace process. 

Brit Tzedek calls on all Presidential candidates to actively demonstrate their intent to be fully engaged in Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli peacemaking from the very beginning of their term in office.

Please contact Senator Obama today!


Sue Swartz, Chair of Advocacy
Rob Levy, Washington Representative

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Note: This campaign is directed at Senator Obama in light of his upcoming trip.  Brit Tzedek is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any candidate for office.

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Click here to urge Senator Obama to demonstrate his intent to make Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking a national priority of his Administration during his upcoming visit to Israel and the West Bank!

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What's At Stake?

The presidential candidates need to hear from American Jews who believe that a truly pro-Israel president will do everything in his or her power to bring about a negotiated two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On this visit, Senator Obama should:

  • Listen to Israeli AND Palestinian perspectives
  • Avoid statements that could undermine the U.S.’s return to the role of honest broker 
  • Declare support for recent diplomatic achievements in the region 

Contact Senator Obama today!

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