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[BTvS - Minnesota] Upcoming Events!!!

These two events might be of interest to those of you wanting to
hear alternative peace voices from Israel and Palestine. Hope to
see you there.

Two events with Community Theater artist and activist Chen Alon
from Tel Aviv University.
All events are free on the University of MN. Mpls campus, check
website for more directions (www.umn.edu )
For additional information contact Sonja Kuftinec at

1. Thurs. Feb. 8th 4pm "Performance Polarities: Activist
Therapeutic Theater in Israel/Palestine" Nolte Library 125.
Chen Alon will present his research and practice adapting
Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed" within the
Israeli-Palestinian political context. Alon's work expands on
the methodology developed at Tel-Aviv University within its
community theatre program, connecting students with state
prisons and drug addiction-homeless rehabilitation centers.
Alon's presentation, "Performing Polarities," will focus on the
joint Palestinian-Israeli interactive theater project,
Viewpoints illuminating how interactive theatre can productively
work with both Palestinian and Israeli groups to create
transformative political alliances.Sponsored by Institute for
Advanced Study, Space & Place Research Collaborative, Institute
for Global Studies, and Dept. of Theatre Arts and Dance

2. Thurs. Feb. 8th 8pm On the Objection Front Room 25 Law Center
Wiley Hall

How does a soldier grapple with the human rights of individuals
under occupation? The Human Rights film series presents On the
Objection Front, Shiri Tsur's award-winning documentary
exploring the controversy in Israel over soldiers who refuse to
serve in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In a country with
the highest regard for security and ethical military service,
the film focuses on six Israeli reservist officers who felt they
could no longer serve conscientiously in the Occupied
Territories. These soldiers speak of the memories that haunt
them, the soul-searching that led to their decision, and its
impact on themselves, their families, and their society. The
film introduces a complex moral dilemma, but according to the
The Jerusalem Report, "is neither heavy-handed nor polemical,
and acknowledges the real disagreement that exists even within
the left over the principle of refusing duty [in the Occupied

The film will be introduced by (Res.) Major Chen Alon, one of
the six officers interviewed in the film, and followed by a
discussion with (Res.) Major Alon and a representative from the
Human Rights Center.

Sponsored by Human Rights Film Series, Institute for Advanced
Study, Space & Place Research Collaborative, Institute for
Global Studies, and Dept. of Theatre Arts and Dance

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