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[BTvS - Austin] Join us for "Another Road Home"

Brit Tzedek v' Shalom invites you to join the Austin Jewish Film
Festival for a Special Screening of Danae Elon's documentary
Another Road Home:

Tuesday, January 23 @ 7:00pm Regal Arbor Cinema (9828 Great
Hills Trail) (The film will reshown on Thursday January 25,
11:30am, also at Arbor)

In this special documentary, Danae Elon examines her past and
the challenges of family, class and politics during her journey
from Israel to America and back to find the Palestinian man who
was her friend and caretaker for 18 years.

Contact David at dalbert@mail.la.utexas.edu, if you'd like to
get together for an informal chat about the film afterwards.

Shortly after the Six-Day War in 1967, Danae Elon's highly
educated parents, noted Israeli author Amos Elon, and former
correspondent and literary agent Beth Elon, hired a Palestinian
man named Musa, the father of eleven children, to take care of
their six-month old daughter on a daily basis. It was a job he
would continue for the next twenty years
until she was grown and he was able to save enough money to send
all eight of his sons to America for education and career
opportunities. The last time Danae saw Musa, in 1991, he proudly
showed her the house he constructed in the Palestinian village
of Battir. Then, against the mounting tensions of the Israeli
occupation and the Palestinian Intifada,
the two families lost track of each other. During that time
Danae began to realize how much of an influence Musa had on her
life and sought to reconnect with him. Her quest led her from
her home in New York to Paterson, New Jersey, then to Battir in
the Occupied Territories, and back to her birthplace in
Jerusalem. As they carefully break the silence, the encounters
between Danae and Musa's sons, and eventually Musa himself,
bring to the surface an emotionally complex story that is
ultimately heartwarming and optimistic.

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