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[BTvS - Philadelphia] Philadelphia Brit Tzedek in 2007!

Dear friends,

This message is being sent to those of you who attended the one
of the recent Combatants for Peace events in Philadelphia, those
who have expressed interest in the work of BTvS or have been
involved with the group in some way. For those who were not able
to see Sulaiman and Elik from Combatants for Peace speak, you
missed two very engaging and inspiring speakers. I am saddened,
though, to tell you that the daughter of another Palestinian
member of their group was killed by what appears to be a
misdirected stun grenade during a border clash between Israeli
border police and Palestinians. This reminded me why the work of
Brit Tzedek is so important.

I am writing in the hope that some of you are interested in
revitalizing the Brit Tzedek chapter here in Philadelphia. I am
currently the Chapter Leader and would love to have other help
work to build a presence in Philadelphia that is pro-Israel
through being
pro-peace. Specifically we need people who can help brainstorm
events, perhaps help out with some events, talk to their
legislators--really whatever you are able to do can help. WE

To tell you what we are doing now, BTvS is launching a new
The Let's Talk Campaign

It has two major goals:

-US diplomatic engagement in resolving the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict, by urgently promoting and facilitating
between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as Israel and Syria
Israel and Lebanon

-Create a renewed and deliberate dialogue and debate
within the American Jewish community about a negotiated two

In addition, we need people willing to talk to their
about our message. If you are interested in being involved at
level, please contact me. Hopefully, we can create a strong Brit
Tzedek presence in Philly!

If you are interested, please contact me at cmacden@gmail.com or
at 734-383-5034.

Shalom, Chris

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