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[BTvS-Minnesota] Sunday Sept. 10 - Jewish Listening Circle Conference Call

Sunday Sept. 10 -- Jewish Listening Circle Conference Call

Despite the current cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon, there
are still many who are wrestling with difficult feelings related
to all that has happened and continues to happen in Israel,
Palestine and Lebanon.

The Jewish Listening Circles recently held in Minneapolis and
St. Paul went well, but they were too far away for some who live
outside the Twin Cities area. Because of this, there will be a
Listening Circle Conference Call:

Sunday Sept. 10th there will be a "virtual" Jewish Listening
Circle, where participants will be able to talk about and
support each other in the complexity of our feelings. The
details of the conference call are below. The facilitator will
be Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb, who lives in Minneapolis. It would be
helpful for planning purposes, if you can reply about your
participation on this call. (Or if you need help with how the
conference call will work)

Date: Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006
Time: 3:00 pm -- 5:00 pm (at the latest)
Call in #: 1-641-297-5400 (Iowa)
Participation Access Code: # 183654
(Please note: You will need to pay your own long-distance costs
for this phone call.)

Feel free to let others know about this circle.

Because some Jews do not feel comfortable speaking from their
hearts on this topic, when non-Jews are present, I would like to
request that this be a group for Jews only. Although I value the
many non-Jews who also care deeply about Israel's future I would
like to request they honor this request.

What is a "Listening Circle"?
Listening Circles are places where participants can share their
thoughts, feelings and concerns in a supportive compassionate
context. It is not a place for analyzing, debating, assessing
blame, finding solutions or political actions. Instead it is a
place to come together as caring concerned people and to share
what is happening in our hearts. It is also a place to listen
deeply and with compassion to each other. (The structure for
this Listening Circle comes from several different "listening"
approaches, including Compassionate Listening and the Talking

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