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Brit Tzedek’s call to help end the Mideast crisis with substantive US diplomatic intervention in conjunction with the international community is gaining steam both within the American Jewish community and in Israel.  Just this week a Haaretz poll found that more than half of the Israeli population supported stepped up diplomatic efforts. We at Brit Tzedek have taken decisive leadership since the crisis began; we continue to organize intensively to spread our message far and wide. Too many lives have been lost and too many people are living under constant threat of attack.  

We must continue to press forward at this critical historical juncture. But in order to sustain our work, we need your help.  Your donation will enable us to maintain and expand on our present activities:

  • working with thousands of activists nationwide to bring our message to the American Jewish grassroots at rallies, vigils, synagogues and house meetings;
  • organizing and transcribing regular conference calls on “the situation” featuring Jewish and Arab policy analysts, political leaders, and activists;
  • placing on-line ads on the New York Times and Haaretz websites promoting our message to tens of thousands; 
  • serving as the key pro-peace Jewish voice in Washington on the crisis;
  • keeping members of Congress apprised of our position by sending thousands of messages through our Action Alerts;
  • bringing our message to the local and national Jewish and mainstream media;
  • organizing and publicizing rabbinic voices of conscience through our Rabbinic Cabinet;
  • regularly updating a comprehensive web-based resource section on the crisis including many original pieces; and
  • writing regular updates to our listserv.

Your contribution will help us continue to build a lasting grassroots movement, one that can fight the long-term battle for a true peace.

We ask you to reach deep into your pocket and make a donation.

The work of Brit Tzedek has never been more important than right now. Together, we are presenting a principled alternative to what it means to be pro-Israel and raising a voice of conscience and purpose in the American Jewish community.

Please make a donation today.


Diane Balser
Executive Director

Thank you to all of you who have already donated to Brit Tzedek. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help us continue our important work at this difficult time

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