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These are extraordinarily difficult days for those of us who care deeply about working for peace in Israel as the fighting in the Mideast escalates and more people are harmed. Through it all, believing there is an alternative to violence; Brit Tzedek remains committed to working for a negotiated two-state peaceful solution.

We are frequently hearing from our supporters in the US and Israel that our work makes a difference. Former Speaker of the Knesset, Naomi Chazan, wrote to us yesterday, "The Brit Tzedek responses to the situation have been excellent, and it is important to keep up the pressure for a return to reason." "Thank you for the great job you are doing at this tough time," wrote one supporter.

We need your help to continue keeping up the pressure; in fact we have never needed it more. Please donate now.

Brit Tzedek's message is more important than ever as the Jewish community mobilizes in response to the violence. Though it is easy to give in to despair and become paralyzed by the scope of the problem, this is the very moment at which we in the American Jewish peace camp must continue to press forward. With Israel now fighting in Gaza and Lebanon and civilian deaths on both sides, we must press for substantive US diplomatic intervention in conjunction with the international community in order to help achieve a ceasefire and the release of Israeli soldiers. We are organizing conference calls with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to inform our supporters, developing Action Alerts; providing guidance to our chapter leadership, compiling expert analysis for our website; and more.

Your contribution will help us to continue to build a lasting grassroots movement, one that can fight the long-term battle for a true peace; we're here to change US policy; we're here to work for a safer Israel, and an independent state in which Palestinians can live without fear. We must keep our minds on this goal as we attempt to navigate through the ever changing details of the present.

As a listserv member you have benefited from our work but have yet to support us financially. We ask that you make a donation today!

As U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch said on July 12 at the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo, "This is a very dangerous but important moment, when the responsibilities of all those who are sincere about finding a path toward peace will be tested." We must not fail that test. War is easy to achieve; peace is not. Brit Tzedek will be staying the course.

Please invest in a future peace and support our work today.


Diane Balser
Executive Director

Alison Pepper
Chair of Fundraising

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