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If your Representative voted "No" or "Present" on HR 4681 (check the list below), call (202) 224-3121 (capitol switchboard - just ask for your Rep) to express thanks.

Sample Script:
This is [first name, last name] from [your city]. I am an American Jewish constituent calling to express my thanks for the Representative's pro-Israel, pro-peace ("no" or "present") vote on HR4681.

HR 4681 Vote Results

Final Vote:

361-37 (9 voted present)

To view the complete roll call, click here

Voted No:
Jones (NC)
Kilpatrick (MI)
McCollum (MN)
Miller, George
Moore (WI)
Moran (VA)
Price (NC)

Voted Present:
Davis (IL)
Jackson (IL)
Johnson, E. B.

Spoke in Opposition:
McCollum (statement)
Price (NC)(statement)

In this message:

HR 4681 Passes the House:  Brit Tzedek's Opposition Heard on House Floor 

After months of opposition, delay, and alteration, the House of Representatives passed HR 4681, the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006.  Despite widespread international dismay over Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections, this punitive legislation took nearly three and a half months to pass the House, and the more moderate Senate version is currently stalled in committee. In addition, a significant number of Representatives spoke out against the bill and resisted enormous pressure to vote "yes."

Undoubtedly, the opposition of pro-Israel organizations like ours, together with serious concerns expressed by the US Administration, helped delay and improve this legislation. Thousands of Brit Tzedek supporters called, emailed, and faxed their Representatives urging them to vote against HR4681.  Our voice was heard: Brit Tzedek was mentioned from the podium of the House floor four times during the course of debate and our talking points were read into the Congressional record by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH).

Together we can build on this momentum, and you can have an even greater impact by joining us at Brit Tzedek's National Advocacy Days in Washington, DC, June 18-20.  We are happy to announce that Rep. Betty McCollum (MN), who led the charge against HR4681, will address Brit Tzedek activists at our Congressional reception along with Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL).  Register now!

Thanks to your advocacy, passion, and commitment, Brit Tzedek is now recognized as an influential pro-Israel, pro-peace force in the halls of Congress.  Together, we are giving voice to that majority of American Jews that support a negotiated two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the only path to peace and security for both peoples.


Brit Tzedek v'Shalom Responds to Israeli Prime Minister's Washington Visit

WASHINGTON, DC -- In response to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's recent visit to Washington, Diane Balser, executive director of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, issued the following statement today:

We welcome President George Bush's support yesterday for negotiations instead of unilateralism in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as his agreement with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on the need for a two-state solution, sustained humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and the endorsement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a potential partner in reviving the peace process.

It is clear that these two practiced politicians speak the language of diplomacy well, but it is high time for constructive initiatives that will lead to the negotiated end to this bloody stalemate. The absence of substantive engagement risks the resumption of full-scale violence and an impending humanitarian crisis within the occupied territories, potentially destabilizing both Israeli and Palestinian societies and further inflaming the region.

The United States and Israel should do everything possible to strengthen the standing of President Abbas and Palestinian moderates internationally, and with the Palestinian people. Specifically, the United States should pursue a proactive policy of diplomatic engagement with President Abbas and other moderate Palestinian political figures, via both public diplomacy and back-channel discussions.

We applaud any and all Israeli withdrawals that facilitate the creation of a viable Palestinian state, but firmly believe they must be coupled with substantive negotiations even before provisional borders can be set. Unilateral initiatives that lessen or preclude the possibility of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel will not lead to the end of the conflict and will be detrimental to both Israelis and Palestinians.

The Bush Administration must realize that the prospect of reaching a point whereupon we accept that the "exhaustion of efforts" to revive negotiations, to which Prime Minister Olmert referred, is tantamount to forsaking the vision--shared by the majority of Israelis, Palestinians and American Jews alike--of a secure Israel within internationally recognized borders and at peace with a viable Palestinian state. We believe that with concerted and creative efforts on the part of the American and Israeli administrations in coordination with moderate forces within the Palestinian Authority, a just and tenable peace is within our grasp."

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