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[BTvS-Advocacy] Marty Meehan Needs to Hear from Us This Week!

Dear fellow Brit Tzedek v'Shalom supporter and resident of Marty
Meehan's district:

As a part of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom's national initiative to
defeat HR 4681, the Ros-Lehtinen/Lantos Bill, which calls for a
cessation of U.S. diplomatic and humanitarian relations with the
Palestinian Authority and all non-governmental agencies
providing assistance in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, I called
our congressman Marty Meehan's office last week, urging him not
to sign on to this bill.

I was told by his assistant that he hadn't made up his mind yet.
We hope that if he hears from more of us, Congressman Meehan
will decide to follow the suggestion of his Jewish constituents
and not sign on to this legislation, which is potentially quite
damaging to future prospects for peace.

Fortunately, as of now, only one of the ten MA Representatives
has signed on to this bill, and two -- Reps. Capuano and Frank
-- have told our Brit Tzedek activists in their respective
districts that they will not sign on.

Please give Congressmen Meehan a call today, and urge him NOT to
sign on to HR 4681. His number is 202-225-3411 (DC office), or,
if you prefer to call the local office, 978-459-0101. Possible
talking points are appended below. To see Brit Tzedek's action
alert, go to: http://ga3.org/campaign/ros_lehtinen

If you can, please email Brit Tzedek at boston@btvshalom.org and
let us know the result of your efforts. It's important for us to
keep track of this.

Thanks very much,
Your neighbor,

Judith F. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Wayland, MA
for the Brit Tzedek v'Shalom Boston chapter

P.S. If you'd like to get involved in future advocacy efforts in
our district on behalf of a negotiated two-state solution of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, please contact me via


Suggested talking points about HR 4681 when calling Meehan's

* It limits US diplomatic relations with all members of the
Palestinian Authority, including President Abbas, whether or not
they are associated with Hamas.

* It restricts the US aid to the Palestinian people that goes
through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which address
pressing humanitarian needs and help develop Palestinian civil

* It makes no distinction between the PLO (Palestinian
Liberation Organization), which recognizes Israel's right to
exist, and the Palestinian Authority (PA), which under Hamas'
leadership does not. Many have suggested the PLO could serve as
a dialogue partner in place of the PA.

* It requires dramatic changes to the PA that cannot be achieved
overnight. This legislation allows no time for a reform process
and could force the PA to look to countries such as Iran and
Syria for support.

* It maintains these sanctions and restrictions, which
constitute dramatic changes to US foreign policy indefinitely,
regardless of whether a moderate leadership gets voted into
power or if Hamas begins to moderate its policies toward Israel.

Anything that Congressman Meehan can do to prevent this
ill-considered bill from moving forward will be appreciated.


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