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Pro-Israel! Pro-Peace! Progress! [Full text]

We invite you to join us locally for Home District Advocacy Week from May 3lst through June 3rd, nationally for National Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. on June 27-28th, and electronically now by signing onto our new campaign, "Pro-Israel! Pro-Peace! Progress!" that we will deliver personally to Congress and the President in May and June. We hope you will join us and sign now!

Home District Advocacy Week, May 31 - June 3
During our national grassroots Advocacy Week, many of our 30 chapters across the country will bring this message to meetings with their members of Congress in their home district offices. For more information about advocacy meetings in your area, please contact

National Advocacy Days, June 27 - 28
Following a day of policy briefings and intensive advocacy training in Washington, D.C., you are invited to bring our message to Capitol Hill in meetings with key congressional leaders and representatives of the Administration.

Israel has reached a pivotal moment as it prepares to disengage from Gaza and four West Bank settlements this summer. This marks the first time Israel has ever evacuated territory that will be handed over to the Palestinians, setting what we hope will be a precedent for additional withdrawal towards the end of establishing a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. Our new campaign -- "Pro-Israel! Pro-Peace! Progress!" (full text below) -- urges full U.S. support for the Gaza withdrawal, in conjunction with additional economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority and opposition to unilateral actions by either side that might prejudice future negotiations. By linking these issues together, our "Pro-Israel! Pro-Peace! Progress!" campaign, makes it clear to Congress and the President that U.S. support for the Gaza withdrawal must be coupled with strong and clear initiatives aimed at bringing the two parties back to the negotiating table. Sign Now!

As the country's largest and most vibrant grassroots Jewish peace movement, our primary challenge is to deliver the people, to raise our collective voice to challenge the conventional notion that to be "pro-Israel" is to unconditionally support the policies of the Israeli government. The statistics consistently demonstrate that we have the capacity to deliver not just a majority, but a mandate for a U.S. policy that is at once "pro-Israel" and "pro-peace." Please join us.

Get Involved!

  • Sign on to the Message to Congress and the President: Pro-Israel! Pro-Peace! Progress!

  • Donate to help Brit Tzedek make this advocacy effort as broad-based and comprehensive as possible.

  • Support home district advocacy in your congressional district. You will be contacted with details from your chapter leadership shortly. 

  • If there is no chapter in your area and you would like to organize a home district advocacy meeting, please let us know by writing to

  • Join us in Washington D.C. for National Advocacy Days, June 27-28th. Additional information and registration materials will follow.

  • Join Brit Tzedek president Marcia Freedman, George Mitchell, Madeleine Albright, Martin Indyk, Donna Shalala and other prominent American leaders in signing on to the Campaign for American Leadership in the Middle East (CALME), which our activists will present in their congressional meetings.


We represent the majority of American Jews who support a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Together, we are raising our voices in support of a proactive U.S. policy that is both "pro-Israel" and "pro-negotiated peace." The U.S. government needs be an active partner for peace. We urge both Congress and the Administration to:

  • Endorse the timely and complete withdrawal of Israeli settlers and military forces from the Gaza Strip and from the four West Bank settlements this summer;

  • Ensure that the Gaza disengagement is the first step towards a return to the negotiating table by opposing any Israeli or Palestinian unilateral actions that prejudice future negotiations such as Israeli settlement expansion and a Palestinian return to violence; and

  • Expand direct aid to the Palestinian Authority for critical economic development assistance, as an incentive for continuing to rein in violent factions and enact political and economic reform.

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