Dear friends of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom,

As members and supporters of Brit Tzedek, we all know how important this election is to the future of our nation and the world. But as important as voting is, we recognize its limitations in sending a clear message to Washington about specific issues. For years we have sought a way to add a more pointed message to our vote, so that the winner of the Presidential election would better understand our priorities and concerns as he begins his new administration.

When this election is finally over, we will no doubt hear many political pundits opine about the "messages" that voters have sent by casting their ballots.

Deciphering the content of those "messages" is always tricky, and we will be treated to all manner of interpretations in the coming days.

What message will you send when you cast your vote on Tuesday? Will it involve your strongly felt desire that our next President begin at once to rebuild the influence of the United States as a force for Middle East peace?

How will the next President know, in a clear and unmistakable way, how you really feel about the need to jumpstart peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians?

We have a great solution for you -- it's as easy as clicking here.

Right now, while it's on your mind, please take 2 minutes to sign the Open Letter from American Jews to the Next President.

This letter calls on the next President to make the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations a top priority and to appoint a special envoy of international stature who is empowered in all ways to bring the two sides back to the negotiating table. The Open Letter will be delivered to the next President following his election.

So, on Tuesday, when you cast your ballot for President, your vote will carry with it an added explanation, almost like a little asterisk, which will inform the winner that yours is a vote for active U.S. engagement in peacemaking, a vote for a renewed U.S. commitment to brokering negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Send the next President, whoever he is, a clear message about what we want from him early in his administration.

By signing the Open Letter from American Jews to the Next President, you and I can help convince our next President to commit his administration to jumpstarting peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.


Steve Masters
National Chair of Advocacy and Public Policy

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