Howard Diamond is the Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of Congressman Gary L. Ackerman (D / NY-05), a 12-term Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and a senior Member of the House International Relations and House Financial Services Committees. Since 1999, Mr. Diamond has assisted the Congressman with foreign policy, defense, intelligence and trade issues, particularly those involving security in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Mr. Diamond also supervises Rep. Ackerman's legislative staff, and is the primary point of contact for legislative business in the office.

Prior to joining Rep. Ackerman's office, Mr. Diamond was a Senior Research Analyst at the Washington-based Arms Control Association (ACA), where he was responsible for nuclear and missile non-proliferation issues. Before coming to ACA, Mr. Diamond was a Research Associate with former-CIA Director Adm. Stansfield Turner's (USN-Ret.) "Caging the Nuclear Genie" Project at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland. Mr. Diamond holds a Bachelor's degree in Government and Politics, a Master's degree in Public Management from the University of Maryland, and a certificate from the U.S. Air Force for completion of the Air Command and Staff College graduate seminar.

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