Brit Tzedek and the Israeli Refuser Movement: Strengthening Each Other
Dan Vos, Ora Gladstone and David Levy
Presenters Biographies:

Dan Vos was a sergeant first-class in the Israeli Navy who has signed the Courage to Refuse letter. He is currently a Courage to Refuse activist and doctoral candidate at Columbia University.

David Levy is an active Brit Tzedek member who also serves on the Executive Committee of the Refuser Solidarity Movement. He is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Ora Gladstone was raised in Brooklyn New York and is the product of a liberal Hebrew Day school and a public High School education. Her parents were committed Reconstructionists and involved zionists and made aliyah for a short while in 1948. Ora was very active in Young Judaea and her first trip to Israel was in 1970-71 as a member of "Machon L'Madrichay Chutz La'aretz" the Jerusalem based "Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad". Her most recent of many trips was with her family for a 1996-97 sabbatical year as a fellow in the "Melton Institute for Jewish Educators at Hebrew University". Last spring, Ora left her long time position as Associate Director of the Hillel Foundation at Brandeis University, and is actively engaged in a job search.

Her many years of working with college students around issues of every kind, including Israel programming, and her involvement with bringing the "refusenik" Guy Grossman to the Brandeis campus in the Spring of '02, have helped inform her sense of the positive reasons and outcomes, and the pitfalls inherent in bringing speakers on either side of the Israel/Palestine debate to college campuses.

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