Steve Rabinowitz A seasoned media consultant, publicist and political event planner, Steveserved former President Bill Clinton as Director of Design and Productionfor the White House. As such, Steve designed and produced all of thePresident's public events in Washington and oversaw the press coverage ofthose and others outside the capital. His focus was with an eye toward howthese events would appear on television news programs and in U.S. andforeign newspapers. Serving in similar positions in the 1992 Clintonpresidential campaign and the presidential transition, Steve spent nearlytwo years traveling full-time with then candidate, President-elect andPresident Clinton during Clinton's many foreign and domestic travels.

You have seen Steve's work whenever you saw the former President engaging alocal voter in one of his patented town hall meetings or on the South Lawnof the White House embracing the famous handshake between the late IsraeliPrime Minister Yitzhak Rabin z"l and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat aftertheir signing of the Declaration of Principals.

Steve has served as a U.S. Senate communications director and press aide. Hehas guided the entire communications operation of a Senate office, includingits press, scheduling and advance, political speechwriting and newsletterfunctions. He has intimate experience in the workings of Congressional pressoffices and their relationship with reelection campaigns and interestgroups.

Steve is also a founding partner in the high-tech media firm QRS Newmedia.QRS was created to advance the very latest in targeted media strategies toits high profile political, corporate and government clients. The firmprovided millions of dollars of highly targeted satellite TV and radiofeeds, digital photos, web streaming and automated phone messages to, amongothers, the Clinton-Gore '96 re-election campaign, the 2000 cycle'sGore-Lieberman effort, the Democratic National Committee and John Kerry'snewest campaign for president.

Steve first came to Washington in 1975 to work on the presidential campaignof his local Congressman, Mo Udall. He would return to work on the nationalstaffs of nine U.S. presidential campaigns and has held various positions oncountless other campaigns for every kind of political office. He has a deepknowledge of campaign politics dating back nearly thirty years.

Steve has been a frequent lecturer and trainer for the DNC, EMILY's List andfor other Democratic Party and progressive organizations, as well as forcorporate America - often speaking on the modern use and influence ofbroadcast media and technology on and by American political campaigns, andon the staging of effective media events. He continued to consult the WhiteHouse, as well as many departments across the Clinton Administration andothers on a variety of such events throughout the 90's.

And Steve also regularly trains young political press aides around thecountry how to better do their jobs. He has organized every nationalDemocratic communications training since 1996, writing all their curriculaand serving as their lead trainer. Steve is an author of the DNC's 1995campaign training manual Technology, a guide to the political use of officeand press and communications technology, and the editor of the new 2004Communications training manual.

Here and abroad, Steve has led numerous media trainings and lectured bothgovernment and opposition leaders from countries in Europe, the Middle Eastand Asia. And several years ago, Steve taught two elite undergraduateclasses in political communications as an adjunct professor at the GeorgeWashington University's School of Media and Public Affairs. He also guestlectured graduate students at Johns Hopkins University where he now teachesa similar graduate class.

Steve Rabinowitz has long studied political science and journalism with aspecial interest in public opinion and voter behavior and in therelationship between politics and the media. He now enjoys an excellentworking relationship with the major television networks, the internationalphoto wire services and with the largest news organizations in the world,including a personal familiarity with the majority of leadingWashington-based journalists. He has, for more than fifteen years, been acontributing analyst to The Hotline, the daily briefing on Americanpolitics.

Steve is married to Laurie Moskowitz, the former Coordinated CampaignDirector at the DNC and a partner in the grassroots and field strategy firmFieldWorks. They live in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington, DCwith their young sons Jake and Sammy and their golden retriever Henry.

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