A Political Understanding Of Trauma
Barbara Kane


Obviously, the policies of the Israeli government have brought neither peace nor security. Why does the electorate continue, even increase, its support for these policies. Why is there so little interest in other than military solutions? Why does adamant, even violent support of these policies continue despite all rational thought.

Starting with a description of the millennia of persecution the Jewish people have undergone, I will proceed to develop a concept of Cumulative Trauma that results in Dissociative Experiencing, Amnesias, Blind Spots and particularly, an inability to conceptualize a future that is different from the past. Of course, the Palestinians as well as many other groups are at least as traumatized. The very fact of trauma on both sides gets in the way of being able to resolve the situation. Traumatic responses are reactivated with each suicide bomber and assassination attack.

The workshop will focus precisely on how to facilitate emergence from these traumatized states and envision a creative, viable and attainable Future for the country to which we are so connected. In Abraham Heschelís terms: how do we develop "Holiness in Time?"

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