Getting Our Message of Hope and Peace into the Media

Carolyn Toll Oppenheim
Carolyn Toll Oppenheim, a Brit Tzedek v'Shalom board member, is a former reporter for both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. A former journalism professor at Emerson College in Boston, she has been a freelance journalist for some 30 years, writing for newspapers and magazines on Israeli/Palestinian peace and conflict resolution initiatives. As director of Public Purpose Communications, she trains journalists from emerging democracies in southern Europe and Asia, on reporting ethnicity, and also consults for nonprofit organizations on media relations and communications strategy. One of her major consulting projects was founding the U.S.-based Friends of Open House, to publicize the work of the Jewish/Arab peace center in Ramle, Israel. She spent a year and a half reporting for ABC radio news in Tehran, Iran. She edited Listening to American Jews: an Anthology of Sh'ma, A Journal of Jewish Responsibility, and authored "The Road to Peace," in The Challenge of Shalom, The Jewish Tradition of Peace and Justice, essays edited by Murray Polner and Naomi Goodman.

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