Noam Chayut is a twenty-six year biology student at Ben Gurion University and a veteran of the Elite Combat Patrol Unite of the Nachal Brigade. He was recruited in July 1998 and served as an officer in most of the Palestinian cities, including Jenin, during operation Defensive Shield in April 2002. Discharged as a lieutenant in March 2003 after serving almost 5 years in the army, Noam joined the group of "Breaking the Silence" a few weeks after the establishment in June 2004.

Noam was born and raised in a Moshav, or small village, in the Izrael valley in the north of Israel. His parents were born in Israel, and served in the IDF during the Six-Day War as part of a unit that defended a Kibbutz in the Negev desert. His grandparents came to Israel from Poland and Ukraine before World War II. All four families vanished in Europe.

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