Handling Disagreements with Jews on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Cherie Brown

There are thousands of Jews who are close to many of Brit Tzedek's positions and could be won over to support even more of our work. But, they often raise strong fears, worries, or disagreements, and many of us don't know how to respond constructively when these disagreements come up. In this session, specific conflict resolution skills will be taught about how to respond to disagreements, fears, or hostile questions in a way that wins allies. Particular emphasis will be placed on the issue of how to discuss the issue of Palestinians as negotiating partners. How do we respond effectively when we are asked by worried Jews: Can Palestinians be trusted? How do we listen and then respond to emotional concerns about terrorism or safety? The aim of this session is to learn constructive, conflict resolution skills for discussing difficult, emotional issues, responding to Jewish fears, and practicing how to provide relaxed, constructive answers when confronted with strong disagreements.

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