Matt Dorf Managing Partner of Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications, Matt is a veteranaward-winning journalist and a former lobbyist. Matt joined the firm in 2000from the American Jewish Congress, where he served as Director ofGovernmental Relations and Public Affairs.

You saw Matt's work at the April 2002 Israel rally that drew more than100,000 people to Capitol Hill, for which the firm managed logistics andmedia, and for the Jewish partners of the What Would Jesus Drive campaign toincrease fuel economy. More recently, Matt served as the director of Jewishaffairs and outreach for Gov. Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

Matt has spearheaded the firms' media training program with the UnitedJewish Communities and Jewish Council for Public Affairs for top federationlay and professional leaders, including providing on-the-ground strategy inNorth Carolina to coordinate media strategy surrounding the PalestineSolidarity Movement conference at Duke University.

As AJCongress' chief representative and lobbyist in Washington, Matt workedon a range of domestic and foreign policy issues, including religiousfreedom, separation of church and state, civil rights, the Middle East peaceprocess and Israel related matters. While at AJCongress Matt spearheaded theSTOP THE GUNS: Protect our Kids petition campaign, which netted hundreds ofthousands of gun safety petitions to targeted members of Congress. Matt ledan interfaith coalition in lobbying members of Congress and the Clintonadministration to adopt stricter gun safety measures.

A passionate advocate for religious freedom, many Jewish media outletshailed Matt as "an instrumental force" in helping to secure House and Senatepassage of a landmark 1999 religious liberty law.

Matt left a nearly ten-year journalism career to join AJCongress. For morethan five years he served as the Washington Bureau Chief of the JewishTelegraphic Agency, known as the "AP of the Jewish world." Matt led thedaily wire service's coverage of the White House, State Department, Congressand American Jewish opinion and politics. His articles have appeared in morethan 100 newspapers and magazines in 10 countries.

Matt has covered three presidential campaigns and is known for his extensiveknowledge of the American Jewish vote. Also regarded as an expert in MiddleEast affairs, Matt has traveled to the region numerous times and covereddozens of visits to Washington by Middle East leaders.

Matt's broad journalism career took him from the local police beat to a seaton Air Force Two to travel to Israel with then Vice-President Al Gore to cover Israel's50th anniversary celebrations. He went from interviews on the top floors ofthe Small Business Administration as managing editor for Small BusinessPress to the seashore of Gaza, where he was among the first journalists tointerview Palestinian Authority police officers.

Matt frequently trains both lay and professional leaders in media relationsand is a frequent speaker on the situation in the Middle East, the AmericanJewish community and American ethnic politics, including most recently atUJC's Young Leadership Conferences and at the regional UJC-JCPA IsraelAdvocacy Institutes for which he wrote the media guide Israel in the Media:Effective Pro-Israel Advocacy Tools.A graduate of The George Washington University, Matt has appeared onnumerous television networks as a Middle East and American Jewish analyst.He is a contributing editor to An Historical Encyclopedia of theArab-Israeli Conflict.

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