Avichay Sharon, 23, concluded a tour of duty with the Israeli Defense Forces in November 2003 and has been a member of Breaking the Silence since June 2004. Recruited in July 2000, two months prior to the start of the Intifada, he served as a combat soldier and medic in the Egoz, an Elite unit within the Golani brigade.

Avichai grew up in Tel-Aviv and New York and currently lives in Jerusalem. His parents grew up in Israel and both served in the IDF in the 1960's - his father as reserve in the Yom Kippur war where he was wounded in the second week in fighting against the Egyptian army. Avichai’s grandparents on both sides are Holocaust survivors who emigrated to Israel after World War II.

Prior to his military service, Avichay studied in a Yeshiva at Ma’ale Gilboa, a kibbutz in the north. He will begin study in Philosophy and Talmud at Hebrew University next semester.

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