Turning Terror to Tolerance in the “Streets” of Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank
Rabbi Bruce Mark Cohen, Lesley Karsten Di Nicola and Karen Wald


This workshop is an open discussion with Brit Tzedek v’Shalom conference participants and IFP-Interns for Peace. For almost 3 decades, through two autonomous training projects-IFP in Israel, since 1976, and IFP in Palestine, since 1993-IFP pioneered an international prototype to train the natural leaders, recruited from resistant and fundamentalist “streets”, as ethnic peace workers to serve as role models of economic self- help and mentors of transforming hate to tolerance in the violence prone “streets” of the Mid-East. This workshop examines how not to repeat the failures of the Oslo Peace Process. To quote former U. S. peace negotiator, Dennis Ross, “ U.S. diplomacy focuses on the negotiating table and neglects the streets” and supports projects, which “have a proven track record of failure.” Participants strategize how to encourage Congressional leadership for U.S. diplomacy to learn from past failures and support the massive training of community development workers to build grassroots constituencies for democracy and peace Come share your wisdom on how to create interfaith and Jewish-Arab community based coalitions, with local Arab-American groups, UJA Federations, and United Ways, to support training expatriate and local “street” leaders in economic and social empowerment to turn youth, women and the marginal from terror to tolerance not only in the “streets” of Israel and Palestinian Gaza/ West Bank but in the “streets” of Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, the Mid East, Islamic, developing world, Europe and North America.
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