Daniel Lubetzky is the Founder of PeaceWorks Holdings LLC, a business corporation pursuing both peace and profit, and, most recently, of The PeaceWorks Foundation.

Lubetskyís hands-on commitment to the prospects and promotion of Israeli and Palestinian co-existence was codified with his bachelorís thesis entitled "The Influence of Economic Factors in Resolving the Arab-Israeli Conflict." Following his graduation from Stanford Law, Lubetzky was awarded a fellowship from the Haas Koshland Foundation to write about legislative means to foster joint ventures between Arabs and Israelis. He accepted, and traveled to the Middle East where he conducted his research and subsequently published "Incentives for Peace and Profits: Federal Legislation to Encourage U.S. Enterprises to Invest in Arab-Israeli Joint Ventures" in the Michigan Journal of International Law, Winter 1994.

While carrying out his research in Israel, Mr. Lubetzky discovered a delicious sundried tomato product that, along with plans for Arab-Israeli economic cooperation, provided the foundation for PeaceWorks LLC in1994. Since then, Mr. Lubetzky has dedicated himself to fostering the growth and success of the company. PeaceWorks, distribution network now spans across eight food industries, reaching over 5,000 food outlets, and has developed ventures across four continents.

Mr. Lubetzky was a Visiting Fellow to the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies from 1993-1994 and is also founder of the Middle East Trade and Investment Center, a consulting organization that provides marketing and business advice on Middle East economics. He has published a number of articles on legislative, cultural, social and corporate means to foster co-existence in the Middle East. In addition, Mr. Lubetzky has lectured at several prestigious universities such as Harvard, The Fletcher School, and The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton, as well as at the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the United Nations.

Mr. Lubetzky is a member of the Social Venture Network, an organization of socially responsible business leaders. In 1997, he was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow (GLT), and heads the Business of Cooperation (BOC) GLT Task Force. The Task Force examines ways in which business can be used as a catalyst for peace and mutual understanding in war-torn and divided societies.

Since the fall of 2000, Mr. Lubetzky began to research creative ways to amplify the voice of moderates in the Middle East. He conceived the fundamental concepts behind what would become OneVoice in the spring of 2001, and he began researching and testing the ideas with his Palestinian and Israeli colleagues in the business community through the fall of 2001. By the winter of 2001-2002, scores of Palestinian and Israeli experts and community leaders had begun testing and expanding on the concept of OneVoice, and the team of volunteers continued to research the idea and completed the model and methodology by the spring of 2002. On June 11, 2002, the PeaceWorks Foundation was officially launched. Mr. Lubetzky has been focusing almost exclusively on the PeaceWorks Foundation's OneVoice initiative since then.

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